Dental Emergencies

Nothing can ruin your day like a dental emergency. If you are having an emergency call us at 410-789-4999 and we will fit you in our schedule and get you started on the road to feeling better.

What is considered an emergency? Dental Emergencies come in four basic categories.

  • Toothache - Tooth pain can be mildly annoying to downright debilitating. The dentist will diagnose what the problem is first and then develop a plan of action to solve the problem. Sometime immediate relief can be achieved but other times at may take a a few days after treatment for symptoms to improve. Click here for more information on toothaches.
  • Broken Tooth - Teeth can break due to cavities or to trauma (such as bitng something hard, a fall, car accident, sports injury, and the like). The dentists job here is to diagnose and also determine if the tooth is fixable. A broken back tooth is less of an emergency since it doesn't show. A broken front tooth is an obvious esthetic problem and the dentist will do their best to at least temporarily provide an esthetic solution.
  • Traumatic Injury - Multiple damaged teeth, severe tooth fracture, loosened teeth, or a knocked out tooth are a sudden emergency that needs attention as fast as possible. The dentist determines if the teeth are fixable and plans a course of action. A specialist referral is often needed for these cases. Here is an excellent link on how to handle a knocked out tooth from the American Association of Endodontists. A change in bite, limited mouth opening, or swelling after a tramatic event may indicate a broken jaw and needs immediate attention.
  • Swelling - Any swelling associated with your mouth is a true emergency, This indicates an infection that lesft untreated can become very dangerous. You should see your dentist as soon as possible. If you do not have a dentist and it is after hours consider visiting an emergency room if your face is visibly swollen.
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