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Laser Periodontal Surgery



One of the more exciting uses of dental lasers is in their application in periodNDYAG Laserontal disease. For years now dentists on the leading edge of periodontal care have been devising ways to incorporate these excellent tools into their patients care. Our office has been using lasers as an adjunct to our periodontal program since 2004. The recent addition of the dual laser Lares Powerlase has added an exciting new dimension to our periodontal care. Lasers are characterized by their wavelength; each type of laser having certain clinical advantages and disadvantagNDYAG Laser2es. Laser periodontal protocols take advantage of each machines characteristics but often are lacking due to the weakness inherent in each system. An advantage of our current laser is it has both wavelengths popular in gum disease care allowing us to take advantage of all the abilities of each device without the limitations of a single wavelength. We combine this with modern technology for genetic and bite analysis to result in a thorough, cost effective protocol.

For the patient in need of periodontal care this means....

  • Laser surgery for periodontal disease in fewer appointments
  • Personalized antimicrobial therapy
  • No scalpels
  • No sutures
  • Greatly reduced post operative pain
  • More rapid healing
  • Less invasive procedures
  • Laser disinfection of diseased periodontal pockets
  • Laser and piezoelectric assisted tartar removal (no more scraping!)
  • Less expensive than traditional surgery


Our protocol is very thorough including the following cutting edge tools

  • Computer assisted bite analysis with the TScan III
  • DNA probe tests for your specific bacteria
    • A personalized antimicrobial regimen of mouthwash and locally delivered/systemic antibiotics is devised from a DNA test of the specific species of bacteria found in your periodontal disease sites
  • Genetic Susceptibility Test
    • For the high risk patient a genetic test for a specific enzyme defect is advised to help properly manage more involved cases. This genetic test is from a simple saliva test
  • Dual wavelength laser periodontal surgery
    • Er:Yag laser is used for disinfection, safe tartar removal below the gum line, biostimulation, and root cleansing and preparation for improved healing
    • Nd:Yag laser is used for minimally invasive surgical approach, disinfection, fibrin clot formation, and biostimulation




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