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Crown Lengthening



We perform our crown lengthening with the Powerlase dental laser. Lasers allow for  less traumatic removal of gum and bone tissue resulting in rapid healing and minimal post procedural pain. Treatment is faster as well. Traditional techniques using scalpels and dental drills cause much more pain and one must often wait a few months before proceeding with the crown restoration of the tooth. The rapid healing seen when the laser is used allows the dentist to proceed with further work on the tooth in a matter of weeks, not months. In select cases the crown work can be done the same day as the crown lengthening.

 It is no secret that dentists are committed to saving teeth. This is why we fill a cavity, instead of pulling the tooth. 

Cavities can decay to tooth to the point where restoration is virtually impossible without a procedure called crown lengthening. Crown lengthening is a routine surgical procedure, which remodels the contour of the gum line. The procedure does not actually lengthen the crown, but rather lowers the gum line. When there is not enough tooth structure to affix a crown, this is the only option. Sometimes a tooth has been broken below the gum line. In this instance, crown lengthening is very successful in exposing more of the tooth, so that the dentist has something to work with.


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